Jordyn Kenzie

Jordyn Kenzie, ambient dreampop songstress’s upbringing was about as customary as the Pennsylvania foothills that encapsulated the first 17 years of her life. Her coming of age, however, and the sonic evolution that paralleled, has proven to be anything but. 


A 2017 debut in the form of a compact yet explosive self-titled EP saw Kenzie flexing her adolescent vocals overtop shimmering, guitar driven pop. The flagship of the release, Stir the Sky, sets the tone as verses chug along like a ‘72 Mustang and the chorus belts and billows into a lavender sunset with wild abandon. Yesterday Was Our Someday became an out-of-nowhere fan favorite; a wistful anthem spinning themes of teenage nostalgia with a Kerouacian sense of wanderlust. 


Ironically, a 2020 relocation to Nashville sent her sound hurtling through an evocative maelstrom of dream-rock ethereality. At some elusive empyrean intersection where Amber Bain meets Astrid S, you could get close to Jordyn Kenzie’s sonic quality. In some back-alley night cafe where Lana Del Rey shares tonic with Robbers-era Matty Healy, you could get an idea of her stylistic aesthetic. Her glossy new release, Night Wears Off, is nocturnal and minimalistic, as its name suggests. Moody, yet somehow simultaneously sanguine, it is a diamond-studded dagger cutting straight down the center of all preconceived notions.